How we can help you

If you have a need to obtain Confirmation, the Scottish name for Probate, to sort out the affairs of a deceased person, then Probate Scotland can help.

No matter how complex or disorganised, we will be able to sort out all the paperwork, contact the necessary organisations and submit all the legal documentation required to deal with the estate. With our experience and reputation you can be sure everything is being dealt with properly and efficiently.

What we can do on your behalf

  • Investigate the estate
  • Value any assets in the estate.
  • Prepare any Tax Returns to the UK Tax Office (whether Inheritance Tax is payable in the estate or not).
  • Prepare the application to the local sheriff court for Confirmation.
  • Send the Confirmation to banks, insurance companies and other organisations to close accounts, cash in assets etc.
  • Pay any debts and liabilities.
  • Pay out legacies as outlined in the deceased’s Will.
  • Transfer the balance of assets (called “the Residue” in Scotland) to the beneficiaries.

Claims against Wills/Estate

In certain circumstances in Scotland, it is possible to make a claim against the estate of a deceased person even if you are not named in their Will. If you believe you are entitled to claim on an estate or Will, then Probate Scotland can help.

A claim of ‘Legal Rights’ against the estate of a either spouse or parent can be made. We can help by calculating any Legal Rights claims and negotiating with the Executors of the deceased person to secure the full entitlement of the claiming party.

We can also assist should you have cause to challenge the validity of a Will where there is a doubt as to the terms of it, the legal capacity of the person who made the Will in granting legal documents or whether you believe a third party has taken advantage of the person making the Will.